Height Detection

Variable Height Gauge

Our variable height gauge provides an accurate measurement of vehicle height, via a display or ticket, to ensure that drivers can make informed decisions about their journey based on the actual, not the assumed height, of their vehicle.

Our system utilises twin slim profile light curtains (one transmitter and one receiver). The system simultaneously measures in metric and imperial, displaying height / width in a number of ways: user display (LCD or screen), ticket printer, and data feed to another device or application. The system ‘polls’ the truck and trailer as it moves through the gauge, displaying the maximum height once it has detected the end of the vehicle.

As well as the ‘live’ measurement of height, the system may also be programmed with pre-set ‘trigger point’ outputs used to signal external equipment such as roller doors, plant machinery, gates traffic lights, and warning signals.

Applications include: car / truck height measurement, sorting production line items, staged opening of roller doors, pallet size monitoring, car wash control, and component identification.

The system is suitable for internal or external use, with a range of posts and mounting accessories available, as well as a full installation and support service.

Height Detection Height Detection