Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment

Our Contactless Timer Controller is a fully self-contained payment solution for unattended devices; it provides a versatile method of accepting contactless payment from debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Monyx. It also accepts programmable smart payment cards, enabling the mixed use of memberships, prepaid, free pay and ad hoc payments.

The customer interaction has been designed to be as simple as possible – the customers make their selection by pressing the relevant tile on the touchscreen, then present their card or phone when prompted – please see the video below for a demonstration.


The flexibility of the unit means that up to six devices may be controlled, or one device with different time and charging structures, or a mixture of the two. Devices that may be controlled include showers, tanning salons, snooker halls, washing machines, laundry dryers, hairdryers, doors, floodlights, gates, locks, heaters, car washes, car air pumps, pressure washers, massage chairs, donation machines, electric vehicle charging stations, air conditioning, tennis / squash courts and much more. The list is endless, as the outputs relays interface to most devices.


The price for each output is separately set and adjusted by the customer via our online portal, and the time period for each output is set locally at the controller (from 1 second to 99 hours). The controller also includes a ‘reset’ input for each device, to end each timed session early, thus ensuring maximum device usage. It also includes a global ‘enable’ input to inhibit payments, for example, if the facility is closed.

The timer controller uses its integrated modem and SIM card to receive updates and securely transmit payment data. The payment gateway is managed by Nayax (UK) Ltd, an established global provider of payment services. The Nayax dashboard allows all aspects of the controller to be remotely managed to overview sales, controller data, configure reports, and provide real time data to the desktop and app.


Each controller consists of a sturdy metal case, PCB and power supply. It is available in internal powder coated steel, or external IP65 rated stainless steel versions (flush or surface mount). It includes its own GSM antenna; external antennas, cables and adapters are available for low signal areas.


Ongoing costs are £10 / month for the SIM data fee, and 2.95% of takings. Takings are transferred a month in arrears.

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