Our wide range of waterslide features and accessories will add interest, excitement and marketability to your waterpark, at a fraction of the cost of building and major project works.

This atmospheric enhancement for dark ‘black hole’ flumes, uses a sensor to detect when riders are entering the dark section of the water slide.


It then triggers white light LED lights in sequence to simulate lightning.


Marine grade speakers are also available as an option; mounted in the top of the flume, they blast out the sounds of storms and thunder to make the experience complete!

The Sound Beat Slider allows waterslide riders to customise their experience, by selecting the music they wish to accompany their ride!


By hitting a push button at the top of the flume, riders choose from a variety of musical genres with the music starting as they pass the first sensor at the top of the ride. Marine grade speakers then play their chosen tune all the way down the flume.


As the musical excerpts are contained on a micro SD card, the system is future proof and easily tailored to different countries.