Our unique range of flume games and challenges will add the ‘WOW’ factor to your waterslides, adding excitement and challenge to your overall customer experience.

The flume challenge display may be used with the traffic light sensor system, or independently, to provide a fun challenge for your customers: allowing flume riders to compete against each other to be the fastest down the waterslide!


The display shows each rider the time it has taken to ride the flume, as well as the top time that day. The sign can automatically reset at night, with the system requiring zero maintenance from staff. The sign uses large red LEDs which are highly visible even in direct sunshine.


Speakers are available as an option, providing cheers and applause when a rider creates a new high score.

Our very latest product is an interactive flume game, with the riders waving their hands over pads embedded into the inside walls of the waterslide as they slide.


Each pad has an LED ring, which illuminates the pad and draws the rider’s attention. When the pad has been successfully swiped, the LED ring automatically switches off, with the rider’s score then displayed at the end of the waterslide.