Hygiene Area

Our range of touch free hand sanitising stations offer a rugged and effective solution to the issue of hand sanitisation in public facing areas; they are available in wall, floor, and turnstile mounted versions.

Our sanitising stations are suitable for production areas, building lobbies, canteens, offices, public toilets, and many other locations – the brushed stainless steel and smoked Perspex fascia ensure it looks at home in any environment.


To ensure that both hands are sanitised, the stations use a pair of sensors to determine if both hands are placed in the station; only then is sanitising fluid dispensed. An output relay is also triggered upon a successful operation, which can be used to trigger a turnstile.

Liquid alcohol-based disinfectant should be used; each station picks up the disinfectant via a flexible tube, meaning a large container of fluid may be used, reducing downtime due to empty fluid.


The stations are available in wall, floor and turnstile mounted versions.


All stations are manufactured by our Turkish suppliers, Aktuel, and are available from stock at our Bristol factory.