Coin Entry Systems


Our PaddleGate is a robust alternative to turnstiles, providing access for wheelchairs, buggies and ambulant disabled people, who would once have needed a separate specialist gate.


The PaddleGate provides an alternative to turnstile based access – the paddles open instantly upon insertion of a coin or presentation of a swipe card, and the stainless steel and vandal proof construction means that it can easily withstand the rigours of intensive day-to-day usage.


As the Paddles open fully in less than one second, the user throughput is faster than with turnstiles – providing a completely clear way ahead, then closing quickly and safely. The PaddleGate is designed with customer safety in mind – pedestrian sensors ensure that the gates close promptly but safely, and the intelligent motor controller and bevelled edge paddle ensure that any ‘tailgaters’ are dealt with safely.

The PaddleGate is designed for extremely high reliability: the motor controller provides acceleration and deceleration, thus reducing stress on the mechanical components, and the use of solid state controls keeps moving parts to a minimum.


The fully integrated cash collection system allows revenue to be collected securely, with user and operator feedback provided via the display or optional printer. The 2mm stainless steel door and the tamperproof, self-locking cashbag virtually eliminate theft.


A GSM option is available to upload audit and usage information to a secure website for remote viewing, sending alerts when the cashbag is approaching its capacity.