RFID Tag System


RFID Water Park Tagging System

Our tagging system has been designed exclusively for the leisure industry, using comfortable, waterproof RFID wristbands to control and assist customers, providing useful statistics and many other benefits.


The RFID technology allows time based customer charging: when customers enter the leisure park, they are given a wristband with their exit time already embedded in the band, encoded into the smart chip. Readers located around the park then allow customers access to the facilities until their allocated time runs out – they then either recharge their band or exit the park.


The RFID technology also improves secondary spend revenue with the added capability of credit ‘charged’ onto the wristband, allowing customers to make small purchases within the park, without needing a wallet or purse.

In addition, our optional wristband controlled lockers allow customers the ability to leave valuable belongings safely in their lockers.


The unique serial number of each wristband also allows every customer to be anonymously identified, allowing block booking, blacklisting and the printing of souvenir customer certificates. The system also provides useful statistical reports for the park operator, such as footfall and capacity counting, improving staff allocation and maintenance scheduling.


This system enables leisure park operators to increase revenue by ensuring customers only use the facilities for the time they have paid for, and provides many other opportunities for secondary spend increase.