Traffic Light


Traffic Light Sensor System

Flumes and waterslides have traditionally been controlled by timer systems, leading to a lack of flexibility, reduced ‘rider throughput’, and lower levels of safety.


Using sensors at the top and bottom of the waterslide to accurately sense rider position, our system improves safety on the slide and queue times are reduced, compared to timer based systems. The solid state sensors and LED traffic lights practically eliminate the need for maintenance.


Our sensors are high speed, solid state infra-red photocells, which ignore fluctuations in ambient light, steam and water depth.

High speed detection ensures that even if the torso of the rider misses the sensor, the lights are triggered; and the detection algorithms prevent false or multiple detections.


The key benefits of this system are reduced queue times and increased safety, as well as being fully compliant with BS EN 1069-1:2000. The system also provides auditing information as standard allowing the waterslide usage to be monitored. The controller is designed and manufactured in the UK by Intec Systems (UK) Ltd, in association with the UK’s leading water parks.