Coin Entry Systems


For low to medium use facilities, the CoinPay system provides a cost effective means of raising revenue to assist with the funding of the service. However, the CoinPay is designed without compromise to withstand theft, vandalism and extremes of weather and temperature.


The Intec Systems (UK) Ltd CoinPay range of payment machines are designed to provide a secure, effective and simple means of customer cash payment. It is often fitted in conjunction with a magnetic lock, turnstile, or vehicle barrier, helping to raise revenue towards the running of a facility. Each machine keeps an audit log which can be used to monitor numbers and aid cost management.


The CoinPay range is designed to fulfil the need for a simple, compact cash payment machine providing a revenue generation opportunity when other machines are too bulky or expensive.

The extremely rugged nature of the unit allows it to shrug off vandalism; a 3mm thick stainless steel fascia, anti-jemmy flanges and high quality locks ensure cash is fully protected, making it suitable for use in unmanned locations.


The CoinPay unit may be connected to a magnetic lock, timer, barrier, door, hairdryer, washing machine, dispenser, computer – the list is endless. The unit is designed for installation by an electrician, thus saving on installation cost.